Achieve-Tech Packaging Research Institute
Our mission is to constantly develop packaging products that meet the brand and market demand with green, personality and intelligence as the core based on the consumers’ perspective, through continuous tracking and research of consumer behavior, combined with the exploration and application of new materials and processes, and cross-industry cutting-edge technology learning and research,
so as to help brands convey brand value and promote sales, and achieve a better life of low-carbon, green, publicity of personality and interconnection of all things for consumers. Achieve-Tech Research Institute not only owns a team of very senior designers and engineers in the industry, but also establishes the joint R & D center through cooperation with colleges,
combines the theoretical research strength of colleges with the expert team who understand the market demand, to brings more and more innovative packaging products to the market.
R & D positioning
Achieve-Tech Packaging R & D positioning is abbreviated as GPS,
G stands for Green, P stands for Personalized, S stands for Smart
Research and development principles
The core of Achieve-Tech R&D principle is sustainable,
referred to as the 3R principle,through reduce volume, reuse and recyclability to achieve sustainable development of packaging.
Creative Design Center
Rapid Prototyping Center
R&D Innovation Center