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With the development of China's e-commerce economy, e-commerce has accounted for 27% of China's total retail sales, and still increasing rapidly. While e-commerce brings economic growth, it also faces many problems such as packaging. Large number of plastic and tape have a huge impact on the environment. Unreasonable structural design increases the cost of packaging and transportation, while causing a waste of resources. Improper materials and design methods can’t convey the value of the brand and bring bad unpacking experience to consumers.
We are a leading provider of e-commerce packaging solutions in China
We adhere to the vision of the world, consumers and the future to provide GPS based e-commerce packaging solution services for consumer brands.
We work with brands and consumers to reduce the burden on the earth, help brands better convey values and beliefs, strengthen the communication between brands and consumers, safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, improve the user experience of consumers, realize the interconnection of all things.
The core team members of Shanghai Achieve-Tech are all from international leading printing and packaging enterprises, with a global vision, the concept of keeping pace with the times, and rich experience in serving brands.Achieve-Tech's team deeply understands the importance of packaging to brands, consumers and the environment. We adhere to the concept of reshaping cognition with innovation and changing the future with technology, constantly strengthen the investment in innovation and R & D, and provide brands and consumers with sustainable packaging products and services from creative design, product R & D to production fulfillment.
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