Personalized demand solutions
With the enrichment of material life and the improvement of consumers' cultural level, the requirements for spiritual satisfaction in the process of consumption are becoming more and more prominent, and the simple consumption of things is far from satisfying consumers' needs, and more and more emotional and psychological recognition is required, which makes the trend of personalized consumption more and more obvious. Therefore, many products have to rely on packaging to meet the personalized needs of consumers.
Achieve-Tech packaging usually has several ways to help brands achieve personalized packaging

·By co-branding with IP, personalize the content for the packaging of the brand.

·Through the process technology, the packaging of the brand is personalized, with thousands of people and thousands of faces

·Personalized content is embedded through NFC chip to realize interaction with consumers.

Personalization of bottle body technology and photoelectric gift box
of international famous whisky brands
Project Background

"King's Glory 2" was originally expected to be launched in February 2020, For the launch of this series, joint gift boxes with different themes would be made during CNY.
[PR gift box] deluxe version, present to KOL for brand promotion and goods sales, so it needs novelty, high-end, fun and interesting


PR gift box (ALLINONE) contains all 16 products: 5 lipsticks + 5 plates of four-color eyeshadow + 5 plates of two-color eyeshadow + 1 mini highlighter

Design reference and direction
Pre-design solution
Final draft
#MAC X King’s Glory# topic topped Weibo hot search

"Top 3"

MAC official promotion video
Red Book KOL Promotion Video