Intelligent Packaging Solutions
Empowering packaging with technological elements has always been one of the themes of Achieve-Tech's R&D

Through continuous cross-border exploration, Realize data collection, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, full logistics monitoring and create secondary consumption scenes for brand packaging, and realize the interconnection of all things.

The development of 5G technology will accelerate the development of the Internet of Things, but it is not realistic to rely on the product itself to realize the interconnection of all things, because it is impossible to implant chips in each product, and so packaging has become an indispensable carrier

All these changes will require packaging as an indispensable part of the brand, in addition to realizing the basic functions such as product identification and protection, helping brands communicate with consumers and convey brand value, also to help brands and consumers establish broader contacts, meet consumers' personalized needs, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, safeguard consumers' rights and interests, appreciate, monitor this logistics process and realize the interconnection of all things.

Achieve-Tech Packaging sees this trend and has long started to invest and layout to provide customers with intelligent packaging solutions based on NFC and RFID. Achieve-Tech Packaging has formed strategic cooperation with domestic well-known chip manufacturers and internationally renowned authentication system service providers to provide customers with the whole industry chain services from intelligent packaging design and development to production delivery and data management SAAS services.