PFP ® campaign | ECO blind box big battle! Care for Children from the Stars with PFP®

0 plastic life, ECP for love. The second stop of PFP®ECO-friendly e-commerce packaging exhibition came to the "Brand Digital Innovation and Development Forum" sponsored by Fat Whale Media and supported by Putuo District Government. PFP® sincerely invites all guests to pay attention to the ECO e-commerce and care for the "children from the stars"!

For this event, PFP® has prepared a unique blind box wall with its plastic-free packaging.

PFP® blind box 2022.11.18

The contents of the blind box include five bamboo fiber eco-friendly coffee cups and ten special hanging ear coffee bags. The blind box products are purchased from Shanghai Lianxun Public Welfare Foundation. The foundation believes that everyone has the motivation and ability to participate in public welfare and realize value, and everyone can contribute to a better society. From the public welfare project "Rainbow Pen Treasure Chest", this bamboo fiber eco-friendly cup and coffee packaging picture were drawn by autistic children. PFP® hopes through this blind box Wall activity,to spread this beauty to more brands, bring people the enjoyment of beauty, inspire optimistic life. Meanwhile we also call on everyone to give these "children from the stars" more understanding, tolerance and recognition.

The outer packaging of this blind box is an e-commerce packing box designed by PFP® team. The inspiration for the design of this packing comes from Chinese ancient mortise structure, which is a kind of buckle packaging, completely avoid of using plastics or tape. You can wrap it with just a click, and open it just like opening a can of fizzy drink. The appearance is simple and beautiful, suitable for a variety of products -- beauty makeup, clothing, footwear and etc.

PFP®AT Plastic-free package is an environment-friendly e-commerce package developed by Shanghai Achieve-Tech Packaging Technology, without any plastic parts or using tape to seal the case. Shanghai Achieve-Tech Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging solutions company which helps brands achieve their market goals and financial targets by providing creative and innovative packaging solutions. The company serves more than 300 international and domestic brands, the main customer design fields for beauty care, food and beverage, clothing and footwear, pharmaceutical and other industries. Based on the consideration of environment and sustainable development, we follow the packaging development principle of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to provide GPS (green, personalized, smart) service for brand packaging.